Garden Exercise: Keeping Kids Active in the Garden

clock June 4, 2014 09:55 by author Kaplan Early Learning
Have you heard of garden exercising? Join “Aerobic Gardeners” across America as they celebrate National Gardening Exercise Day on June 6th by getting in their workout while gardening. Brought about to encourage exercise, sound nutrition, stress relief, social interaction, and further discovery in environment, science and nature, garden exercising is a great way to keep children active and learning. [More]

The Last Days of School: A Time for Reflections & Resolutions

clock June 2, 2014 11:20 by author Kaplan Early Learning
Are you a new teacher approaching your first last week of school? Are you an experienced educator feeling stuck in a teaching rut? Either way, reflection is key to determining how to better handle classroom situations in the future. Here are a few insightful strategies to help you interpret the prior year and prepare for the one to come. [More]

5 Innovative Ways to Make Your Classroom More Inclusive

clock May 28, 2014 09:48 by author Kaplan Early Learning
We all know it's important to make each and every student in our classroom feel welcome and accepted, but catering to children of all backgrounds and abilities is often much more difficult than it looks. To ensure you have the resources you need to support classroom inclusion, here are five innovative ways to make your classroom more inclusive. [More]

Making Memorial Day Meaningful

clock May 21, 2014 08:11 by author Kaplan Early Learning
Memorial Day is usually commemorated by grilling, camping, and the usual summer preparations, all great ways to bolster family engagement. But the holiday also presents a unique opportunity for students to push the pause button and consider the implications of why we celebrate the holiday. [More]

Preparing for Year-End Assessments

clock May 19, 2014 08:44 by author Kaplan Early Learning
It’s that time of year when children and parents start thinking about year-end assessments. Most schools use these test scores to determine next year’s placement decisions. Both students and parents may experience a strange mix of emotions from eager anticipation for summer to angst for the dreaded tests. Teachers can help parents and make a big difference in increasing preparedness and decreasing anxiety. Here are a few tips to share with parents to make sure that students perform to their potential on the last tests of the year. [More]