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14" Lots to Love Babies with Different Skin Tones

14" Lots to Love Babies with Different Skin Tones
14" Lots To Love Baby Doll in Diaper with Medium Tan Skin Tone
14" Lots To Love Baby Doll in Diaper with Golden Light Skin Tone
14" Lots To Love Baby Doll in Diaper with Warm Deep Skin Tone
14" Lots To Love Baby - Caucasian
14" Lots to Love Babies with Different Skin Tones - Set of 4
14" Lots to Love Babies with Different Skin Tones - Set of 4Alternate Image #2 of 14" Lots to Love Babies with Different Skin Tones - Set of 4 Alternate Image #3 of 14" Lots to Love Babies with Different Skin Tones - Set of 4 Alternate Image #4 of 14" Lots to Love Babies with Different Skin Tones - Set of 4 Alternate Image #5 of 14" Lots to Love Babies with Different Skin Tones - Set of 4
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2 years & up. Pleasantly plump diapered baby dolls have moveable arms, legs, and a head that turns. Each chubby doll is dressed in a washable and reusable diaper featuring Velcro® tabs. Children can take these washable dolls to the pool or in the bath. Babies are 14" tall. Please note: dolls each have their own unique eye colors and facial expressions and doll received may differ from the doll shown.

EHS Teacher

5 stars
The 14" Lots to Love Babies are a great for children because they put things on their mouth and put the toys on the ground. The babies materials are easy to clean. As a teacher products that are easy to clean makes our job easy. This product teaches the children about multicultural.

5 stars
I was looking for an Asian baby that looked like an Asian baby for the classes in our preschool. After searching for awhile, I found this baby and the price was right. My teachers and children love this baby! In fact, so much, that I ordered more caucasian, afro american and hispanic babies. This is a great baby doll!

Beautiful Babies

5 stars
These are wonderful babies for girls and boys alike. Adding diversity to a classroom is always important even when you're not serving a diverse population.

Absolutely Adorable

5 stars
Even my boys love these dolls. They are so cute and the 14" doll is the perfect size for 3 and 4 year old children. They are truly little bundles of joy.

Beautiful doll!

5 stars
It is pretty tough to find African-American dolls in stores. I received the African-American baby in the mail with a kissy face! Surprised yes.! The dolly itself is beautifully crafted with a realistic face and body. Also, the baby and diaper are well made. This one can actually be soaked in water, pretty awesome! I would definitely recommend!

Totally in love!!!!!

5 stars
Got our Hispanic doll this morning and honestly it's so real-like, cute and perfect it makes me want to have another baby. The skin color was actually almost the same exact shade as my daughters skin it's so very realistic. The eyes is like staring into a real persons eyes it's glassy and brown all the details! Bought this particular doll because my daughter loves to bathe the 10" version to this in the tub so I decided to get her a bigger version. Now I am totally going to get a 16" or bigger for christmas. If you are thinking about getting this doll just get it I promise you won't regret it. All of this and I haven't even told you yet that it is durable and does not retain water so it's perfect for the pool, beach or bath tub. Really just totally in love it's the cutest realist doll just melts your heart!

Excellent Baby!

5 stars
I have used these babies in my pre-k classroom for several years, and they are the best baby dolls I have had so far. They are very high quality, thick material that can stand up to bites, throws, and tugging matches when two little ones want the same baby! I love the different expressions on their diverse little faces, their substantial bodies that give a little more lifelike weight to the doll, and that their limbs are pretty easily moved. Putting clothes on diapers on and off can be a little challenging because of their short torsos and the way they are built, but overall these babies are loved by teachers and kiddos alike.

Great buy

5 stars
These baby dolls are great. The 10-13" clothing does not fit them but the Baby's one-piece outfits do. They are soooooo cute!

Great for Class

4 stars
These dolls are like a real life baby. Our kids in class loved them. They are great for social skills and playing in the dramatic play center. Would recommend these!


4 stars
These dolls are great for children. I work in a Children's Corner with children between the ages of 2-9 and they gravitate to the dolls because they can use their imagination. we've made some clothes for the dolls and that's a big hit. I would like to ask Kaplan if they have any discontinued clothes that they can sell at a reduced rate because the clothes available are quite expensive and we don't have funds to buy additional clothes

Too cute!

5 stars
These babies are so cute! They come with diapers on, two with pink and two with blue. I highly recommend the 4 piece t-shirt set to go with these.

Good value and fun for kids

5 stars
I recently purchased the Lots to Love babies for one of my 4 year classrooms. The children love the new babies, they are soft and cuddly and easy for the children to handle and play with. They smell just like a fresh baby! The only downside I would say is that I had to purchase clothes seperately, but overall they are holding up well and the children love them.

Adorable dolls

5 stars
Great product to purchase if multicultural needs must be met. Dolls are the perfect size and can be easily cleaned. If you need to purchase them for work, as I do, be watchful as the children want to keep the dolls and take them home.

Lots and lots to love

5 stars
I bought one Asian baby for my daughter, but after moving to an area where diversity was at a minimum I purchased the whole collection for her preschool classroom. The kids love them, the teacher loved them, and after a year of washing, and dressing and playing by 32 three, four and five year old kids they are still like new. What a great product for any classroom or home playroom.

very life like baby

4 stars
everytime I am carrying one of these dolls around people think it is a real baby instead of a doll and the kids love them.

Best doll babies

5 stars
These are wonderful, soft, sweet baby dolls. All the children love them and the moms are asking where I found them.

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