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Sustainability in Early Learning

At Kaplan, we firmly believe that education goes beyond classroom walls and extends to our responsibility toward the environment. We understand the urgent need to protect and preserve our planet for future generations, and we strive to integrate sustainable practices into every aspect of our operations.

Here are some key initiatives and efforts that highlight our commitment to sustainability:

Eco-Friendly and Non-Toxic Materials

Our commitment to creating positive experiences for your children inspires our efforts to use high-quality, responsibly-sourced materials. Many of our wooden products are made from FSC-certified materials that meet or exceed industry standards. We also meet ASTM International product standards and ensure that we are manufacturing in compliance with the stringent California Air Resources Board (CARB), which aims to reduce air pollution.

Starting in 2023, many of our products now receive GREENGUARD GOLD Certification. Our products contribute to improved indoor air quality and have been tested to meet rigorous standards for low emissions. We also introduced the implementation of a wood-plastic composite material called Poly+. This unique material reduces the amount of plastic in traditional plastic products by 30%, incorporating renewable wooden components and creating a more sustainable overall output.

Energy Conservation

We have implemented energy-efficient measures across our facilities and distribution centers. By adopting advanced technologies, such as LED lighting and energy management systems, we reduce our energy consumption, minimize greenhouse gas emissions, and contribute to a more sustainable future.

Waste Reduction and Recycling

We strive to minimize waste generation by reducing carton sizes. Our EPE (expanded polyethylene foam) packaging materials are designed to be recyclable, minimizing our environmental impact. We continually evaluate our processes to identify opportunities for waste reduction and explore innovative recycling solutions.

Sustainable Partnerships

Kaplan seeks to collaborate with suppliers and partners who share our values and commitment to sustainability. We work closely with vendors prioritizing eco-friendly manufacturing processes, waste reduction, and sustainable sourcing, ensuring that our supply chain aligns with our environmental goals.

Community Engagement

We believe in educating and inspiring others to embrace sustainable practices. Through our educational initiatives, including workshops and resources for educators and families, we promote environmental awareness, teach eco-conscious behaviors, and empower young learners to become environmentally responsible global citizens.

Continuous Improvement

Sustainability is an ongoing journey for us. We regularly assess our practices, monitor our progress, and seek opportunities for improvement. We remain dedicated to prioritizing research and implementing innovative solutions wherever possible.

We understand that sustainability is a collective effort, and we appreciate the support and partnership of our customers, employees, and stakeholders in this endeavor. Working together can create a brighter, greener future for future generations.