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Global Social Studies

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Image of Children Around the World Book Set - Set of 4
Children Around the World Book Set - Set of 4
Item: 71605
Status: In Stock
3 years & up. These books have brilliant photograph images that present a picture of global diversity, tolerance, and joy through each book. Each book exposes children to diverse cultures around the world and in their own community. In this way, the books teach children to respect differences as well as appreciate the values and ties that bind us together as human beings. Global Fund for Children books integrate children's perspectives, present positive images of children, and help to raise… More »
Image of Ann Morris Books - Set of 6
Ann Morris Books - Set of 6
Item: 82009
Status: In Stock
This round-the-world photographic book set introduces young children to the concept of the world's people, the places they live, and how they work and play. Each book tours the globe to develop a strong interest in cultures and ethnic heritage while showing differences in young children. Set includes 6 paperback books.
Image of Cultural Diversity Paperback Set - Set of 5
Cultural Diversity Paperback Set - Set of 5
Item: 94866
Status: Temporarily Out of Stock
3 years and up. Take young children around the world with our Cultural Diversity Paperback Set. The books in this set use real photographs to introduce children to life in other parts of the world. Children will go to markets, see different types of homes, and much more. These books are a great way to encourage children to look beyond their immediate surroundings and become aware of the world�s diversity. Also includes a teachers guide with additional activities that can be used throughout the classroom.