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Dramatic Play

To get the most out of dramatic play, children need a variety of materials, equipment, and props to encourage creative expression and imagination. Find dress-up clothes, pretend play kitchen sets, and props for housekeeping, different kinds of work, and fantasy play. Allow children to entertain themselves with fun, educational, and inventive play with Kaplan’s dramatic play selection.

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Image of Wheelchair for Dolls Up to 15 Inches
Wheelchair for Dolls Up to 15 Inches
Item: 301128
Status: In Stock
2 years & up. A doll wheelchair can help normalize the presence of disabilities in everyday life and foster acceptance and inclusivity from a young age. It shows children that everyone, regardless of physical ability, can be part of their imaginary world. Children are naturally curious about the world around them, and many want their toys to reflect the diversity of real life. Not only will the Wheelchair for Dolls enhance playtime, but it will also serve as a valuable educational tool, promoting… More »
Image of Baby Doll Bathtub with Shower & Rubber Duck
Baby Doll Bathtub with Shower & Rubber Duck
Item: 301105
Status: In Stock
3 years & up. Little ones will enjoy taking care of their baby just like a real parent, with the Baby Doll Bathtub with Shower & Rubber Duck! The Bathtub and Shower is the essential bath time accessory for all dolls that can go in the water. When the tub is filled with water, push down on the button and use the shower attachment to bathe and rinse off a favorite doll. The bathtub and shower require no batteries and are part of the Mon Grand Poupon Corolle Collection of dolls, fashions, and… More »
Image of Wooden Dress-Up Magnetic Puzzle - Boy and Girl Models - 66 Pieces
Wooden Dress-Up Magnetic Puzzle - Boy and Girl Models - 66 Pieces
Item: 300967
Status: In Stock
3 years & up. Unlock your child's creativity with the Wooden Dress-Up Magnetic Puzzle! This set comes with 62 pieces of magnetic clothing and accessories that little designers can mix and match to create an unlimited number of stylish outfits for the boy and girl models. The clothing includes outfits for all four seasons, so children can prepare the models for any type of weather. As they try their hand at being fashionistas, children will also develop creative and fine motor skills.
Image of Life-size Pretend Play Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner Meal Sets
Life-size Pretend Play Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner Meal Sets
Item: 46922P
Status: In Stock
$39.95 - $99.95
2 years & up. Serve up delicious pretend meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner! Young chefs can prepare nutritious food such as eggs, waffles, fried chicken, fruits, sandwiches, and more. This set makes a great addition to pretend play kitchens. Purchase all three meal sets together as one big set or buy them individually. Made from plastic.
Image of Wooden Tool Belt Playset
Wooden Tool Belt Playset
Item: 250033
Status: Ships From Manufacturer
3 years & up. Encourage your little one to put their crafting skills to the test with the Wooden Tool Belt Playset! The adjustable tool belt features classic colors and allows mini-artisans to have their hands free and their equipment always within their reach! The adjustable work belt includes realistic-looking wooden tools and accessories; pipe wrench, ratchet, screwdriver, spanners, screws, nuts, and perforations made of wood. Help develop fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination as children… More »
Image of Ironing Board Set
Ironing Board Set
Item: 30378P
Status: In Stock
$16.95 - $86.95
3 years & up. This sturdy ironing board folds out to stand at 22" high and features a locking joint mechanism for a secure stance. Included with board is a solid wooden iron to enhance dramatic playtime. Ironing board measures 28"L x 9"W x 22"H and is fully assembled. Ironing Board and Iron also sold separately.
Image of Magic Wand
Magic Wand
Item: 18799
Status: In Stock
Pretend you are a wizard or a magician with this magic wand. Wave your magic wand and pretend things disappear. Made of plastic. Size 14" L.
Image of Wooden Housekeeping Stand with Accessories
Wooden Housekeeping Stand with Accessories
Item: 70128P
Status: In Stock
$65.95 - $175.95
$55.95 - $149.95
3 years & up. Make clean up easy with this exciting Wooden Housekeeping Stand with Accessories for Dramatic Play Activities. This set of housekeeping accessories is the perfect addition to any dramatic play area. Children will love pretending to sweep, mop, and iron. This set promotes dramatic play, fine motor skills, gross motor skills, and responsibility. Includes a mop, broom, bucket, dust pan, iron, paper towel holder, and wooden stand. Fully assembled. Measures 20"H x 22"W x 16"D.
Image of Wooden Doctor's Playset
Wooden Doctor's Playset
Item: 250025
Status: Ships From Manufacturer
3 years & up. Encourage imaginative play with this Wooden Doctor's Playset. Equipped with many important medical instruments, your little one will be prepared to attend to medical emergencies on their dolls, teddy bears, and friends. Playing with a doctor's kit can help reduce a child's fear of going to the doctor by becoming familiar with medical procedures, reducing anxiety and fear. Doctor's kit measures 7.5" x 3.1" x 5.7".
Image of Large Calculator Pretend and Play Cash Register
Large Calculator Pretend and Play Cash Register
Item: 33007
Status: In Stock
3 years & up. Kids learn basic arithmetic skills during dramatic play. Solar-powered calculator register holds life-size bills. Features oversized buttons and large number display. Includes play money, plastic coins, play credit card, and activities. Includes 30 bills, 40 coins, 1 pretend credit card. Register measures 10.5"W x 5.75"H x 9.5"D.
Image of Magic Milk and Juice Baby Bottles
Magic Milk and Juice Baby Bottles
Item: 147814P
Status: In Stock
$8.95 - $16.95
2 years and up. Give your child all the fun of feeding time for their doll with none of the mess! The magic milk and juice bottles are the perfect doll accessories for your child's imagination. The bottles are sealed airtight so there's no spills, but the magic milk and juice on the inside moves just like the real thing. For hours of spill free play time the magic bottles are the perfect addition to your doll collection. 1 pack includes 1 milk bottle and 1 juice bottle. 2 packs include 2 milk bottles and 2 juice bottles.
Image of Pretend & Play® Money - 150 Pieces
Pretend & Play® Money - 150 Pieces
Item: 145893
Status: In Stock
3 years & up. Teach children the basics of business math and how to recognize different coins and bills with this realistic looking Play Money set by Learning Resources. Encourages hours of pretend play and helps put a visual to basic math concepts like: subtraction, addition and the calculation of correct change. Includes: 20-$1 bills, 20-$5 bills, 10-$10 bills, 10-$20 bills, 30 pennies, 20 nickels, 20 dimes, and 20 quarters.
Image of Carolina Chest of Drawers
Carolina Chest of Drawers
Item: 31962
Status: In Stock
Explore new possibilities with our high-quality range of birch plywood dramatic play furniture. At 24" tall, this unit features three spacious drawers with handle cutouts for easy no-pinch opening and closing, plus built-in drawer stops. The compact footprint of this storage unit is ideal for organizing small spaces, with plenty of room to hold children's play clothes and costumes. Store costumes and supplies while encouraging neatness! The three drawers open easily with built in stops and… More »
Image of Hollywood Clap Board
Hollywood Clap Board
Item: 18809
Status: In Stock
This Hollywood clapboard is great to use next time you're putting on a play. Each clap board is made of wood. Size 7" x 8".
Image of Doctor Kit
Doctor Kit
Item: 46933
Status: In Stock
3 years & up. Enough medical tools for a team of young "doctors" to play at the same time. Plastic 19 piece set includes a battery-operated stethoscope, pager, realistic sounding cell phone, forceps, bandages, thermometer and more. Plastic clamp-tight carry case. Requires 2 AA batteries, sold separately.
Image of Pretend Condiment Set
Pretend Condiment Set
Item: 145296
Status: In Stock
3 years & up. The salt and pepper really shake, the hot sauce really pours, and the ketchup and mustard squirt string! These wonderfully durable pieces are built to last and are a must have for every make-believe kitchen adventure! Promotes pretend play, fine motor skills, and imaginative thinking. Packaged in a handy metal caddy to keep everything organized. Measures 6.5"L  x 5"W x 8"H packaged. Includes: Salt, Pepper, Hot sauce, Ketchup, Mustard, and Metal caddy.
Image of 1-10 Counting Cans
1-10 Counting Cans
Item: 89271
Status: In Stock
3 years & up. Includes 55 plastic fruits and vegetables in 10 durable cardboard cans with lids. Great addition to a pretend play kitchen pantry. Cans are labeled with numers, words and pictures to reinforce early math and vocabulary skills. Includes Activity Guide. Each can measures 4.25" H x 3" in diameter.
Image of Spray, Squirt & Squeegee Play Set
Spray, Squirt & Squeegee Play Set
Item: 32143
Status: In Stock
3 years & up. The perfect cleaning helper, this set of cleaning supplies stores nicely in its own plastic tote. It includes all the essentials for cleaning and a checklist to keep you on task. This pretend play cleaning set lets kids spray, squirt, squeegee, scour, and scrub using either real water or their imaginations. The spray bottle, scouring powder can, and soap bottle can be filled with water, making it perfect as a bath toy. The nine-piece set also includes supplies to keep things shining… More »
Image of Pretend Play Adventure Capes - Set of 4
Pretend Play Adventure Capes - Set of 4
Item: 90237
Status: In Stock
3 - 5 years. Add imagination and a cape to discover what wonderful adventures and stories children will create. Each of these velvet-like capes has a unique, stylized crest to inspire adventures in the past, present, and future. Perfect for the dramatic play center! Children will love participating in imaginative play with these capes. Machine washable.
Image of Barbie® Doll Fashionistas - Assorted Dolls & Fashions - 1 Doll
Barbie® Doll Fashionistas - Assorted Dolls & Fashions - 1 Doll
Item: 146480
Status: In Stock
4 years & up. One Barbie® doll dressed in fun stylish modern clothes. Styles and ethnicities of Barbies will vary. A variety of clothing, hairstyles, and skin tones appear in this assortment. Includes one doll from the assortment.
Image of International Foods - Pretend Groceries
International Foods - Pretend Groceries
Item: 950151
Status: In Stock
2 years & up. Introduce your children to international cuisine with this wonderful set. These international foods are a great addition to any dramatic play center. Use this set in a lesson about diversity and inclusion. Teach children about the cultures these foods originate from and where they can be found around the world. Each food block has silk-screened retro illustrations on the hardwood. This set includes salsa, tortilla chips, fettuccini, matzo, stir-fry vegetables, swiss cheese, brown… More »
Image of Modern Pretend Play Cleaning Set with Stand
Modern Pretend Play Cleaning Set with Stand
Item: 37821
Status: In Stock
3 years and up. Children will love helping with a set of cleaning tools sized just right for them! Made from solid birch, this realistic set features real bristles and overmolded handles that are comfortable for little hands to hold. When clean up is done, children can hang the tools using the included storage stand. Set includes a broom, mop, duster, handheld broom, and dustpan. Stand measures 10"L x 10"W x 30"H.
Image of Wooden Emergency Response Kit
Wooden Emergency Response Kit
Item: 148342
Status: In Stock
3 years & up. This Wooden Emergency Response Kit is the perfect playset for children who enjoy role playing as a doctor, nurse, or EMT! The all-in-one rescue backpack features adjustable straps and plenty of realistic tools used in the medical field. The double zipper and elastic insert slots in the backpack provide order and quick access to the emergency equipment made of premium wood. Highlights™ of the kit are the blood pressure gauge with a pump ball, the otoscope with a real magnifying… More »
Image of DIY Stanley® Jr. Wooden Birdhouse Kit - 28 Pieces
DIY Stanley® Jr. Wooden Birdhouse Kit - 28 Pieces
Item: 300421
Status: In Stock
5 years & up. A great project for parents and kids to work on together, this DIY Wooden Birdhouse Kit includes all parts required to assemble your very own birdhouse! Kit includes pre-cut wood pieces, paint, birdhouse roof, and all screws & nails required to assemble project. With paint and paintbrush included, children are able to customize their very own birdhouse. Tools not included. Finished product measures 5" x 4.8" x 5.3".