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Energy, Light & Sound Science

Engage your students with hands-on learning tools from Kaplan’s energy, light, and sound science selection. From circuit projects and engineering kits to prisms and voice changers, Kaplan offers products that will energize your young scientists.

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Image of Sensory Mood Discovery Light Table
Sensory Mood Discovery Light Table
Item: 301212
Status: Ships From Manufacturer
3 years & up. Help children discover the amazing effects of light and color with this toddler-sized light table! This color-changing light table contains a raised outer rim to keep sand, water, or other activities on the table. Constructed of plastic, the table is lightweight, sturdy, and water-resistant so it can be used indoors or out. There are 16 different color settings and 4 automated color transition settings. The table is powered by the included rechargeable battery or by the A/C power… More »
Image of LED Activity Tablet and Light Table
LED Activity Tablet and Light Table
Item: 62802
Status: In Stock
3 years & up. Ultra-slim LED activity tablet with a hardwood frame provides a bright, consistent and evenly-lit surface that is perfect for light and color exploration, science activities, tracing, stenciling and more. This tablet works just light a light table, only lighter weight and easier to move around. Weighing only 5 pounds, the 12" x 16" illuminated center features energy-efficient LEDs. Guaranteed to last up to 30,000 hours. AC power adapter included. Protective plastic covers… More »
Image of 4" Acrylic Equilateral Prism
4" Acrylic Equilateral Prism
Item: 31385
Status: In Stock
9 years & up. Introduce your children to the science of light and color. Children will be amazed as they scatter rainbows all over the classroom. This prism is perfect for an interactive discussion about light, color, and refraction! Refraction is the bending of light as it passes from one medium to another medium with a different density. This phenomenon occurs because light travels at different speeds in different materials. Encourage your children to ask questions about the science concepts… More »
Image of Perspex Prisms - 7 Pieces
Perspex Prisms - 7 Pieces
Item: 74171
Status: In Stock
Hold these prisms up to the light and watch as the rays disperse through them and refract off the different angles creating a magical rainbow of mesmerizing colors. Change up the color or the level of brightness on your light source and rotate your prisms to get a variety of different light patterns and colors. Set includes: 7 Polished acrylic prisms in a variety of shapes and sizes, and a Storage box.
Image of Snap Circuits® Jr. Snap-Together Electrical Components
Snap Circuits® Jr. Snap-Together Electrical Components
Item: 24464
Status: In Stock
Grades 2 - 4. Students can build over 100 experiments using light, sound, movement and more. Plastic circuit board comes with an easy to follow guide and over 30 parts that snap on so there are no wires to connect or tools required. You can even play electronic games, build radios, digital voice recorders and more. Uses 2 AA batteries, sold separately.
Image of Color Changing Light Panel
Color Changing Light Panel
Item: 147146
Status: In Stock
3 years & up. Light up creativity and exploration with this Color Changing Light Panel! These light panels give children the opportunity to explore the effects of color mixing, opacity, and transparency. Children can observe natural and man-made objects in an interesting and different way. The light panels are powered by a low voltage mains power supply using the latest LED strips and diffusers to evenly illuminate the panels. Light panels can change between 20 different colors using an infrared… More »
Image of Light Cube
Light Cube
Item: 27915
Status: In Stock
3 years & up. This rugged light cube is portable, durable, and rechargeable. It even strobes, flashes, and changes color with the touch of a button! The cube is the perfect size for individual and small group play. Young children can stand or kneel at the cube and engage in focused, quiet play. The easy-to-clean surface is ideal for art and exploration activities both indoors and outdoors. Use the cube for examining transparent and opaque objects. Add interest to counting, sorting, sequencing,… More »
Image of Elenco® MyHome Snap Circuits®
Elenco® MyHome Snap Circuits®
Item: 147895
Status: In Stock
8 years & up. Does your kiddo ask questions on how just about everything works? Then this is the science kit for them! Children and users gain the knowledge of electricity, circuitry, automatic lights, motion detectors, security systems, and so much more. The kit comes with thirty plus projects involved with building a house with real, working 3-D circuits just like the ones they use every day in their own home. Included: 25 Projects, Step by step manual, and over 60 Snap Circuit parts.
Image of LED Head Lamp
LED Head Lamp
Item: 00841
Status: In Stock
6 years & up. This LED head lamp is perfect for any adventure. Features 7 LED lights, adjustable strap and beam. It is compact and light weight for hands free light. Requires 2 AA batteries (not included). LED lights bighrtness level is 20 lumens.
Image of Tuning Fork Kit
Tuning Fork Kit
Item: 74172
Status: In Stock
8 years & up. Introduce your children to early STEM concepts with this engaging Tuning Fork Kit. This kit goes through the basics of vibration, waves, frequency, interference and amplification of sound with multiple experiments detailed in a teacher's guide. Encourage your children to explore the sounds, vibrations, and teachers of the tuning forks. Have them ask questions about concepts they are unfamiliar with. Activity guide included.
Image of Shatterproof Safety Mirrors - Set of 12
Shatterproof Safety Mirrors - Set of 12
Item: 84425
Status: Temporarily Out of Stock
Explore light and reflection safely with this set of 12 shatterproof mirrors. Each mirror is 3" x 4".
Image of Snap Circuits® Jr. Select - Electronic Project Set
Snap Circuits® Jr. Select - Electronic Project Set
Item: 142217
Status: Temporarily Out of Stock
8 years & up. Kids can have fun while learning about electronics with this Snap Circuits® Jr. Select kit! They can build over 130 different projects, such as a glow-in-the-dark flying saucer, phototranistor, or motor, using the easy-to-follow manual. This kit contains music, alarm, and space war ICs to make sounds. Set contains over 30 parts. Requires 2 AA batteries (not included).