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Letter Recognition

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Image of Feels-Write Lowercase Letter Stones
Feels-Write Lowercase Letter Stones
Item: 62962
Status: In Stock
2 years & up. These beautiful stones offer a tactile and visual way of introducing young children to letter formation. Each stone is carefully engraved to provide important sensory feedback to help young children develop the movements needed for writing each letter. Starting at the green dot, children will enjoy tracing each letter shape with their finger, building important motor-memory skills. Stones are tough enough to be used in sand, water and outdoors, opening up exciting opportunities… More »
Image of Early Literacy Flash Cards with Words and Pictures - Set of 5
Early Literacy Flash Cards with Words and Pictures - Set of 5
Item: 62127
Status: Temporarily Out of Stock
2 years & up. Make learning more visual using these wonderful Practice Early Literacy Flash Card Set with Corresponding Pictures. This set includes everything pre-readers need to practice language and literacy skills! Each set includes flashcards to practice the alphabet, phonics, picture words, rhyming, and sight words. Encourage your children to practice these daily, individually or with a partner.