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Outdoor Learning & Active Play

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Image of Colors and Shapes Activity Mats Collection
Colors and Shapes Activity Mats Collection
Item: 91088P
Status: In Stock
$22.95 - $69.95
Create beanbag targets, obstacle courses, use as distance markers, and so much more! For use indoors or out, get kids up and moving in a variety of games and activities. Ideal tool for social distancing in settings with children. Each shaped set of vinyl mats comes in 6 colors. Square mats measure at 12"W, while the circles and stars measure at 9"W.
Image of Parachutes
Item: 3570P
Status: In Stock
$34.95 - $140.95
18 months & up. Parachute activities promote gross motor functions and imagination. The durable parachute is made of rip-stop nylon fabric, and sewn to last through the toughest play times. Each size includes storage bag. Available in 12' with 8 Handles, 20' with 16 Handles, 24' with 20 Handles, and 6' with 9 handles.
Image of Parsley Seeds 3-Pack
Parsley Seeds 3-Pack
Item: 37842
Status: In Stock
Fragrant and beautiful herb. Grows quickly. Germination within 7-21 days. Net weight 50 mg per pack.
Image of Playground Ball
Playground Ball
Item: 1907P
Status: In Stock
$8.95 - $21.95
2 years & up. These durable all-rubber balls are perfect for promoting gross motor functions, hand-eye coordination, and collaborative play. Children will enjoy playing games such as four corners, kickball, hot potato, and more! Encourage your children to practice their throwing and catching skills with these classic 2-ply balls. Available separately in five different sizes: 7", 8.5", 10" 13", and 16".
Image of Dwarf French Marigold Seeds 3-Pack
Dwarf French Marigold Seeds 3-Pack
Item: 37841
Status: In Stock
Low growing and keeps animals and insects away. Germination within 7-14 days. Net weight 30 mg per pack.
Image of Giant Activity Rings - 9 Pieces
Giant Activity Rings - 9 Pieces
Item: 55501
Status: In Stock
12 months & up. This is a set of 9 durable rings in three sizes measuring between 9.8" to 17.7" in diameter. Great for game play both indoors and outdoors. Roll them, use for sorting, throw bean bags into them, or use them in imaginative play. Each ring includes braille for identifying size. Includes 9 rings in the 3 primary colors: yellow, red, blue.
Image of Sugar Baby Watermelon 3-Pack
Sugar Baby Watermelon 3-Pack
Item: 37844
Status: In Stock
Attracts bumblebees, birds, and butterflies. Mostly seedless. Germination within 7-14 days. Net weight 400 mg per pack.
Image of Cantaloupe 3-Pack
Cantaloupe 3-Pack
Item: 37843
Status: In Stock
Grows easily and quickly. Germination within 7-14 days. Net weight 150 mg per pack.
Image of Hopscotch Rug for 2
Hopscotch Rug for 2
Item: 301106
Status: Temporarily Out of Stock
The classic hopping game never goes out of style. Can be played inside or out. Children toss a stone, coin or bean bag and hop through the numerical maze. Perfect for practicing jumping, hopping, number recognition, and building gross motor skills. Nonskid backing keeps this rug from moving. Measures 72"L x 40"W.