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Image of Sense of Place Cozy Classroom Arch
Sense of Place Cozy Classroom Arch
Item: 300672
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5 years & up. Create a welcoming classroom that fosters a sense of belonging using unique furniture like the Sense of Place Cozy Classroom Arch. Gentle curves and nature-inspired textures in the rattan paneling enhance the beauty of the physical environment while creating warmth and comforting balance. Arrange soft elements like the Cozy Corner Couch inside the arch to create an inviting space for one child or multiple children who need a quiet moment of respite. Entire unit measures 48"W x 56"H x 21"D.
Image of Promoting Resilience For Now and Forever - Preschool, 2nd Edition - Set of 20
Promoting Resilience For Now and Forever - Preschool, 2nd Edition - Set of 20
Item: 26173P
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These guides offer families simple strategies to support young children's healthy social and emotional development. Filled with suggestions of everyday activities that families can enjoy together and promote three key protective factors: initiative, self-regulation, and attachment/relationships. Booklets (40 pages) are available in English or Spanish in sets of 20. Copyright 2013.
Image of DECA-P2 Record Forms
DECA-P2 Record Forms
Item: 29025P
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The DECA-P2 Record Forms are strength-based, nationally standardized, reliable, valid, and easy-to-use! These sets includes 40 assessment forms and a pad of 40 individual child profile forms. Sets available in English or Spanish.
Image of DESSA-mini Kit
DESSA-mini Kit
Item: 27952
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Grades K-8. The Devereux Student Strengths Assessment Mini (DESSA-mini) is a series of four, equivalent, 8-item behavior rating scales accompanied by an innovative Ongoing Progress Monitoring Form. The DESSA-mini can be used to screen for and monitor progress in the acquisition of social-emotional competencies. The DESSA-mini can be completed by teachers or staff at schools and child-serving agencies, including after-school, social service, and mental health programs. Includes: DESSA-mini manual;… More »
Image of Emotion Floor Cushions - Set of 6
Emotion Floor Cushions - Set of 6
Item: 34250
Status: In Stock
3 years & up. Each cushion is printed with facial expressions to encourage children to identify and express their emotions. Children can sit on different cushions throughout the day or week to define their emotions. These Social Emotional Cushions are made of durable wipe clean vinyl. Set of six cushions. Each cushion measures 16" diameter. One year warranty.
Image of Social Skills Board Games
Social Skills Board Games
Item: 91626
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Grades 1 - 5. Addressing morals, manners, empathy, friendship, showing and managing emotions, these games encourage discussion among children about proper social behavior as they strive to find the best solution to problems. These games cover socially challenging situations and together the group decides upon the best action. This encourages all players to communicate, listen and participate in the game. Set contains six game boards, 24 counters, one die, and one spinner.
Image of Conversation Cubes
Conversation Cubes
Item: 91583
Status: In Stock
Grades 1 & up. Spark discussions on the first day and beyond. Colorful cubes feature 36 engaging questions about student experiences and perspectives, including: What are you most proud of? Who is the bravest person you know? and What foods do you like? Use in presenting character development activities; brainstorming before writing; and building oral language, social, and listening skills. Also supports fluency in ELLs and students with speech impairments. Includes activity guide. Soft foam… More »
Image of DESSA Norms Reference Card
DESSA Norms Reference Card
Item: 16143
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The Devereux Student Strengths Assessment (DESSA) is a 72-item, standardized,norm-referenced behavior rating scale that assesses the social-emotional competencies that serve as protective factors for children in kindergarten through the eighth grade. Standard scores can be used to calibrate each child's competence in each of the eight dimensions and guide school/program-wide, classwide, and individual strategies to promote those competencies. Nationally normed on 2,500 children, the DESSA continues… More »
Image of Character Building Books - Set of 4
Character Building Books - Set of 4
Item: 37470
Status: In Stock
4 years & up. Beautiful real image pages help children understand the importance of being kind, confident, grateful and mindful. Through these books, children learn about empathy, kindness, honesty, integrity and other moral values. They learn to understand and appreciate the feelings, thoughts and experiences of others, which fosters compassion, tolerance and respect for diversity. These books are great for group read alouds for children who aren't reading on their own yet or solo reading for… More »
Image of Children's Books That Promote Resilience - Set of 14
Children's Books That Promote Resilience - Set of 14
Item: 46793
Status: In Stock
3 years & up. Set of 14 children's books that help promote resilience. Please note: book titles may change due to availability. We will only substitute book titles of the same value and purpose.
Image of DESSA Kit
Item: 27951
Status: In Stock
Grades K - 8. The Devereux Student Strengths Assessment (DESSA) is a behavior rating scale completed by parents, teachers, and after school staff, which assesses skills related to social-emotional competence, resilience, and academic success. The DESSA kit includes the manual, norms reference card, and 25 hand-scorable paper record forms in a vinyl portfolio. The DESSA Scoring Assistant program provides on-line administration, scoring, and interpretation. A classroom/group profile, which identifies… More »
Image of Emotions Dominoes Game - 28 Pieces
Emotions Dominoes Game - 28 Pieces
Item: 146976
Status: In Stock
4 years & up. A fun educational twist on the classic game of dominoes. Learn how to identify different feelings and emotions with this Emotions Dominoes Game by Junior Learning. Match each person's face to the emotion that fits. In order to win the game you must get rid of all of your dominoes by matching each of the ends correctly with other dominoes on the playing field. No part of the domino can touch a non-matching domino. Included: 28 Emotion Dominoes, Storage Tin, and Game Instructions.
Image of The Kid's Guide to Service Projects
The Kid's Guide to Service Projects
Item: 27949
Status: In Stock
This book contains hundreds of up-to-date service projects and ideas presented in an engaging, kid-friendly format and it has something for everyone who wants to make a difference. Features and benefits include: over 500 service learning project ideas -- from simple to large scale, the "Ten Steps to Successful Service Projects", a new sections on Internet use and school service learning requirements, step-by-step instructions for creating flyers, petitions, press releases, and more. The… More »
Image of Laugh & Learn™ Books - Set of 4
Laugh & Learn™ Books - Set of 4
Item: 51669
Status: In Stock
8 years & up. Solid information, sound advice, fun illustrations, real-life topics, and practical tips -- no wonder these books are so popular with young readers. Together they make a cool collection of self-help books that really help. This set of 4 books answers all the questions one has when growing up. All books in the set are paperback. Included book titles: Bullies Are a Pain in the Brain (112 pages), Cliques, Phonies, & other Baloney (136 pages), Don't Behave Like You Live in a Cave… More »
Image of Walk in My Shoes Mat with Activities and Teacher Guide
Walk in My Shoes Mat with Activities and Teacher Guide
Item: 33592
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3 years & up. Model and practice empathy with the Walk in My Shoes Mat, Teacher Guide, and Activity Card(s) and 40"L X 60"W mat that rolls easily for storage.  Perfect to help children learn to be more empathetic and appreciate how different people express their feelings. Provide children the emotional tools they need as you demonstrate and practice appropriate responses about feelings and emotions.
Image of Devereux Early Childhood Assessment Clinical - DECA-C - Kit
Devereux Early Childhood Assessment Clinical - DECA-C - Kit
Item: 98817
Status: Temporarily Out of Stock
The Devereux Early Childhood Assessment Clinical Form (DECA-C) is designed to be used by early childhood mental health consultants and other mental health professionals with select children, ages 2 through 5, who are already showing significant behavioral concerns. The DECA-C is a 62-item scale that can be completed by either teachers or parents in about 15 minutes. The DECA-C contains all of the strength-based resilience items and scales found on the Devereux Early Childhood Assessment for Preschoolers,… More »
Image of Single Self Portrait Mirror
Single Self Portrait Mirror
Item: 10850
Status: Temporarily Out of Stock
This Portable Speech Mirror supports the development of speech and language skills. Children observe the reflection of themselves and their peers as they practice forming sounds and words. Use this freestanding mirror as an engaging learning aid for speech therapy practice and encouraging self-awareness. Mirror is lightweight, distortion-free, and made of Plexiglas. Measures 8.5 x 11.