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United States Social Studies

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Image of World & US Floor Puzzles
World & US Floor Puzzles
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$22.95 - $44.95
6 years & up. Discover the world and the United States with these floor puzzles. Helps children understand where they live in relationship to the size of their state and the world. Great for introducing Social Studies. World puzzle has 33 pieces and USA puzzle has 51 pieces. Each puzzle measures 24" x 36".
Image of Black History Books - Set of 4
Black History Books - Set of 4
Item: 36545
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4 years & up. Educate and inspire with this culturally relevant book set dedicated to celebrating Black History! Children and their families will find heroes and role models within these stories that uplift and amplify Black excellence, voices, and achievements. From Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. to Mae Jemison, the historical figures showcased in these diverse stories will inspire children to never give up on their dreams no matter what obstacles may be in their way. Hardcover and paperback mix. Set of 4.
Image of Who Was Books - Set of 6
Who Was Books - Set of 6
Item: 83332
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Grades 3 - 5. These well-written biographies tell the stories of notable individuals in a variety of contexts. Each book highlights the life, contributions and accomplishments of the individual in a fun, engaging way that clearly explores the world he/she lived in and changed. Fascinating details and black-and-white illustrations fill each story, along with side notes and a time line to enhance readers' understanding. Collection includes six, 112-page paperbacks.