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STEM Exploration

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Image of Children's Safety Goggles - Set of 6
Children's Safety Goggles - Set of 6
Item: 91362
Status: In Stock
4 years & up. Use safety goggles any time students need reliable eye protection. Safety goggles help prevent a wide range of eye injuries, including scratches, cuts, burns, splashes and chemical exposure. Safety goggles serve as a visual reminder to prioritize safety and take precautions to protect the eyes, while being creative or exploring. Instill a sense of safety awareness and responsibility from a young age. Sized for students and adjustable for adults. Goggles measure 6" x 3".… More »
Image of Sea Beans Loose Parts- 2 lb Bag
Sea Beans Loose Parts- 2 lb Bag
Item: 55505
Status: In Stock
Sea Beans are seeds from trees and vines that grow along tropical shores. They wash into the ocean, drift and are collected. The seeds are a beautiful, natural element for investigations, sorting, sand and water play and more."
Image of Robot Mouse STEM Activity Set
Robot Mouse STEM Activity Set
Item: 53884P
Status: In Stock
$38.95 - $65.95
4 years & up. The hunt is on! Customize your maze, then program the mouse to find the cheese. The inventive possibilities are endless. It's the perfect introduction to the concepts of coding, early engineering, step programming, and critical thinking. This deluxe science set includes 16 pieces to create a 20" x 20" maze board, 25 wall tiles to create paths that are straightforward, winding, and everything between, and sequence cards to plot your way to the cheese while tracking every… More »
Image of Roller Coaster Challenge™
Roller Coaster Challenge™
Item: 36247
Status: In Stock
6 years & up. Hours of fun await with this exciting STEM focused game! Children will learn early engineering skills as they follow cards to build roller coasters or design their own. This game can be played individually or with friends. Includes game grid, 39 track pieces, 36 post pieces, 2 tunnels, 40 challenge cards with solutions and instructions.