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STEM Exploration

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Image of Air Toobz Classroom Set
Air Toobz Classroom Set
Item: 300938
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3 years & up. Foster experimentation, problem solving, and other STEM-related concepts through captivating play with the Air Toobz Classroom Set. Using a child-safe turbine, Air Toobz send foam balls flying through a network of modular tubes and up into the air. The set offers continual opportunities for customization with adjustable airflows that create different speeds and interchangeable parts that you can arrange in many different ways. Create loops and swirls, or weave them under tables… More »
Image of Obie Floor Projection
Obie Floor Projection
Item: 37060
Status: In Stock
All ages. Meet Obie, the next level of interactive play. Discover games for kids of all ages to play, replay, and come back for more. Children are actively learning while being physically engaged promoting a healthy, active life style for the brain and body. Kaplan Early Learning Company has pre-selected dozens of energizing, popular games to challenge your early learner in areas such as literacy, gross motors skills, math skills, science, music, and more. Bring new excitement to the classroom with… More »
Image of Random Robots: Loose Parts STEM Kit
Random Robots: Loose Parts STEM Kit
Item: 38014
Status: In Stock
3 years and up. The possibilities of discovery are multiplied when rich variables are at children's fingertips. Random Robots: Loose Parts STEM Kit is a laboratory of opportunity to experiment and explore pieces and tools that children can use to create robots. Children can build, create, investigate, and invent while focusing on the process rather than the end product. The kit includes a frosted plastic tray for storage and classification of loose parts and measures 12.5"L x 12.5"W x 2.9"H.